Watershed Group

Our Role

Watershed Group was established with a clear mission to partner with Independent Financial Advice firms, providing advisers with the support they need to grow and scale an efficient practice with a high quality, transparent, and differentiated investment service offering.

Our Approach

Watershed’s Investment Portfolios have been built and offered exclusively as a Managed Account solution since inception, with Watershed one of the few managed account providers with a performance track record stretching over a decade.

Our fundamental goal is to protect and grow capital for our clients by delivering on our investment philosophy of taking strategic positions in and out of all assets classes throughout the investment cycle, whilst identifying and holding high quality companies for the medium to long term within each asset class.

To ensure that advisers have complete understanding and control over the client investment narrative, we provide regular reporting and insights on our macroeconomic and market views, as well as portfolio attribution and current positioning.

Our Experience and Expertise

With a clear and value-adding investing philosophy and process, and stable investment team since inception, Watershed has established a strong track record of top quartile performance across our suite of multi-asset managed account portfolios since inception, across a range of market environments and multiple economic cycles.