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  • Exceptional Outperformance across the board for Watershed SMA’s in April and the year to date


  • Diversified Models at the top of the table in two out of three of the major categories


  • Dynamic Management drove significant buying of equities and credit during March that we believe sets us up very well for the year ahead

The beginning of 2020 has been nothing short of tumultuous with the Australian Share market enduring a coronavirus-induced collapse of 38% during the March Quarter swiftly followed by a 22% rebound as we moved into April.  The market now seems divided about whether or not this rebound is sustainable and the trajectory that World indices will take over the rest of the year.  However, irrespective of your view on the market outlook, this period has proven one thing resoundingly – active portfolio management at both the asset allocation and stock-specific level is absolutely paramount to delivering outperformance in turbulent markets. .  Any investor who was overweight equities….click download to read entire article.

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