We believe that macro-economic conditions and specific sector cycles drive the majority of asset class performance, both short and long term.

Watershed Dealer Services partners with innovative businesses and professional Advisers by providing alternative licensing solutions, outside those offered by the larger, more traditional dealer groups and their suite of mainstream products and services.

We provide licensee support services to Advisers and Advisory groups seeking a true IFA solution.

Watershed Dealer Services Pty Ltd is a privately owned business and holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 436357 (“AFSL”).

Our area of expertise is in Managed Discretionary Accounts – MDA’s. We tailor IMA portfolios for both wholesale and retail clients, and we’ve extended this service to a growing number of planning groups who operate either under their own AFSL or for those who choose to we’ve brought them in under our AFSL.

In brief, we take a whole of portfolio approach, running sector models (where we have the capability) and strategically weighting between each, given client risk profile and planner preferences. We then tactically tilt between the models given the investment committees current market view.

We currently run; Core Australian Share, Income, Emerging Leaders, International Share and Global Opportunities SMA’s and where we don’t have the internal expertise we use external managers for specific exposures.
And not wanting to beat our own drum, but we’ve done exceptionally well these past few years.

We provide all the core services any CAR & AR has come to expect from their dealergroup, without the ‘institutional influence’ seen in most.

Innovative and nimble. We’re a unique alternative for those who truly want to operate in the IFA space.